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Water Heater Services in Charlotte, NC & Surrounding Areas

Tank-style water heater in home.

Cold showers? High water heating bills? These are signs that it might be time for water heater service. To prevent safety hazards or efficiency problems, leave the job to the experienced plumbers at Three Way Plumbing. 

We have the knowledge and tools to diagnose water heater problems and perform the necessary repair or replacement. We have been installing and repairing water heaters since 1997. 

For reliable water heater replacement and repair services in Charlotte and surrounding areas, call Three Way Plumbing at (704)-795-9349


Ready to replace your aging water heater? Want to install a unit in your home that will provide years of reliable service? Either way, the team at Three Way Plumbing can help you select the perfect appliance for your needs. 

We proudly install gas and electric Bradford White water heaters. These are all manufactured right here in the U.S. in Michigan.  

If you have a different brand in mind, we’d be happy to install it for you. Trust us for a job well done, which includes hauling away your old unit to make the overall water heater service simpler, faster, and as stress-free as possible.  

Call (704)-795-9349 to schedule water heater installation or replacement with a trusted local plumber. 


Your water heater is the hardest-working plumbing fixture in your home. If it starts acting up, give us a call to request service. A live person is always available to take your call, and we offer same-day repair in many cases. 

Our trucks are fully stocked with the high-quality parts needed to perform the repair in a single visit. For your convenience, we also contact you 30 minutes before we arrive, so you know just when to expect us. 

Signs you need water heater repair include: 

  • Not enough hot water 
  • Water is not as hot as it used to be 
  • Murky or odd-smelling hot water 
  • Strange sounds coming from the water heater 
  • Pilot light keeps going out on gas-fired models 
  • Pressure relief valve keeps spilling water out 
  • Temperature spiking and dropping while showering 

Don’t ignore these signs. 

Call (704)-795-9349 to schedule water heater repair in Charlotte NC and the metro area including Cornelius, Davidson, and Matthews. 


If you’re experiencing issues with your hot water tank, there are several telltale signs that indicate it’s time to call in the professionals at Three Way Plumbing.  

One of the most common problems is a lack of hot water, or water that doesn’t seem to stay hot for as long as it used to. This could be due to a faulty heating element, sediment buildup, or a malfunctioning thermostat. 

Another sign of trouble is leaking from your water tank. If you notice water pooling around the base of the tank or dripping from the pipes, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly. Leaks can cause significant damage to your home and lead to higher utility bills if left unchecked. 

Either way, these aren’t issues you’ll want to handle on your own. You’ll want the professional hot water heater service from Three Way Plumbing. 


Tank-style water heater in home

If you’re considering upgrading your water heater, a tankless version could suit your needs nicely. The experts at Three Way Plumbing can help you decide if tankless water heating is right for your lifestyle and expectations, as well as the proper make and model for your home. 

We’re certified in the installation and servicing of all the major manufacturers. If you decide to move forward, we can install a tankless unit and remove your existing storage tank. Getting an energy efficient tankless water heater can help you save money while even using less water in some cases. Best of all, you might even realize they work better and run into fewer issues overall.  

We also repair tankless water heaters, including ones we didn’t install originally. If your unit is having performance or efficiency issues, trust our team to get it back up and running again in no time. 

If you’re having issues with your current water heater tank, gas water heater, or anything else, a quick call to Three Way Plumbing can solve the problem. We’re proud to provide premium water heater service to the Charlotte NC area.  

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Rather than storing 40 gallons or more of hot water 24/7, tankless units heat water on demand. Powerful gas burners or electric elements achieve the necessary temperature rise within seconds, sending hot water to the tap right when you need it. 

Tankless water heating offers many benefits, including: 

  • Endless hot water supply 
  • Substantially lower water heating bills 
  • Lower risk of home flooding from a holding tank corroding through and leaking 
  • Double the life span of old tank-style water heaters since there’s no standing water 
  • Smaller installation space required 
  • Can be installed inside the home, outside the home, in garages, and in attics 
  • Highly efficient, great for the environment, and prevents the buildup of tanks in landfills 

Call (704)-795-9349 to learn more about tankless water heaters. 


At Three Way Plumbing, we built our company on honesty, integrity, and reliability. That’s why we’re known as The Good Guys. We always stick to our principles, offering competitive rates, upfront costs for all options available, and work that stands the test of time. 

Best of all, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction with everything we do. Whether it’s water heater service, installation, repair, or diagnostic, we want to be your first choice.  

Call Three Way Plumbing at (704)-795-9349 today to request water heater installation, replacement, or repair in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions


When talking about traditional tank-style water heaters, there’s no definite answer due to many different factors that affect the life span of a water heater. The average life span is 10 to 15 years. We’ve seen many fail at six years, and we’ve also seen rare ones as old as 20. 

Some of the factors include water pressure and water quality – chlorine levels needed to kill bacteria in your water supply, naturally occurring minerals, and sediment in the water supply, and have you had a continuously working thermal expansion tank. 

Annual maintenance flushing of your water heater is recommended to remove the buildup of sediment and minerals from your tank to prevent the corrosion that occurs with tank water heaters from the inside out.  

In most cases, a lack of maintenance is what causes water leaks so it’s important that a professional comes out and drains the water heater once per year to flush out the sediment buildup from your tank. However, if your tank hot water heater has not been flushed previously within the last 5 years, we do not recommend doing so. The sediment that has built up inside the tank may actually be what is sealing those tiny pinholes, and we have seen where once they are flushed out, the tank will leak. For a tankless water heater, it is recommended every other year as minerals can begin to build up on the components that the water touches like the heat exchanger. 


If sized properly for usage and gallons per minute used in your home, most homes don’t need more than one water heater. However, sometimes it’s beneficial under certain circumstances to have two water heaters rather than one large one.


There are tankless water heaters that perform with natural gas, propane, or electricity. There are point-of-use tankless water heaters and whole-house tankless water heaters. They come in different makes, models, and sizes to accommodate many different applications. They’re not one size fits all.


There are many different sizes of water heaters when it comes to height, width, and circumference to accommodate different installations, like in a closet, garage, utility room, attic, or aqua hut, as well as different capacity sizes ranging from 28 to 100 gallons. 

No one ever wants to run out of hot water when showering, so it’s important to understand usage and demand needed for demand times when it comes to gallons per minute. 

Other considerations are tub sizes, multiple showerheads, body sprayers in showers, and the number of dishwashers or washing machines in the home, along with the number of full bathrooms and people living in the home showering/bathing, especially during maximum capacity times like holidays. 

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