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A great addition to any home in the greater Charlotte area is a stand-alone walk-in shower. It provides a quick and convenient way to get ready for the day without the added work of cleaning a full tub and shower combination.

When you need a qualified local plumber to install a walk-in shower in Concord, Huntersville, Waxhaw, or elsewhere in the Charlotte area, talk to our team at Three Way Plumbing. We offer cost-effective, professional shower installation services, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee backs all our work. From shower and bathtub installations to pipe leak repairs or drain cleaning, you can count on us for all your home plumbing needs in and around Charlotte, NC.

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The Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

Whether you install a prefabricated shower or you have one custom-built for your home, a stand-alone shower can provide several benefits for your home and family:

  • Efficient water usage – Showers require less water than a full bath, especially when a water-saving showerhead is used.
  • Space savings – Depending on the design, a shower can take significantly less room than a full bathtub or a bath/shower combination.
  • Easier cleaning – With its smaller size and fewer areas to collect dirt and grime, a shower is easier to keep clean than a full bathtub.
  • Custom styling – A custom-built shower can be designed to match your decor and your specific needs, with features like premium tile, seating, storage, and more.
  • Improved access – For those with mobility problems, a shower can provide easier access, especially if it is designed with features like a wide, curbless entry, grab bars, and bench seating.

To learn more about the benefits of adding a shower to your home in the Charlotte area, talk to our experts today by calling 704-795-9349 or contacting us online.

Types of Showers We Install in Charlotte Homes

shower installationAt Three Way Plumbing, we can help you create the ideal shower for your home in the Charlotte area. We provide plumbing for custom showers, and we also install prefabricated showers, shower pans, and more. We provide installation services for all types of showers, including:

  • Custom showers – We can install the plumbing and prefabricated shower pan, drain system, and more for your custom-built shower.
  • Corner showers – Available in a variety of styles, rectangular or square corner showers make efficient use of space and provide a traditional look.
  • Neo-angle showers – For bathrooms where space is at a premium, neo-angle showers occupy less space than a typical corner shower while offering a unique, modern design.
  • Curved showers – Similar in size to a neo-angle shower, a curved shower makes efficient use of the corner while providing a smoother, curved appearance.
  • Tub/shower combinations – Common in apartments and smaller homes, the bathtub/shower combination works well when space is limited, but a bathtub is still required.
  • Rain or body showers – We can install custom shower fixtures in many types of showers to provide a gentle, overhead water flow or a multiple-head, full-body shower.

For help choosing the right shower for your Concord or Huntersville home, call 704-795-9349 or visit us online.

Why Choose a Professional Shower Installation from Three Way Plumbing?

To avoid plumbing leaks, costly water damage, mold growth, and more, it is essential to have a professional install your new shower. At Three Way Plumbing, we have been serving the Greater Charlotte area since 1997. We feature upfront, honest pricing, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and the reliability and integrity of a family-owned company.

Call us today at 704-795-9349 or contact us online for a long-lasting, leak-free shower installation anywhere in the Charlotte area!

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