Three Way Plumbing Receives 2022 HIRE Vets Medallion Award

We’re pleased to announce that we are among the latest recipients of the Department of Labor’s HIRE Vets Medallion Award! Granted by the DOL’s Veterans’

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How To Fix Frozen Pipes

Due to the extended period of freezing temperatures, we are experiencing a high call volume due to frozen pipes. We understand how inconvenient having a

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5 Ways To Reduce Your Water Bill

As costs increase and water shortages become more widespread, many homeowners are rethinking their water usage and looking for ways to reduce their consumption. On

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Three Way Plumbing Supports Women in the Trades

Women are underrepresented in the plumbing field, as they are in many professions. In fact, about 88% of the workforce is male. Three Way Plumbing

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10 Common Tankless Water Heater Myths & Misconceptions

Tankless water heaters can be a great choice for many homes in the Charlotte area. Still, there are a variety of myths and misconceptions that

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How to Change Out Your Vanity

Installing a new vanity cabinet can be a great way to update the look of your bathroom, especially if you replace the countertop, sink, and

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Can a Sewage Pump Be Used as a Sump Pump?

As a homeowner, you may wonder if you actually need a sump pump or if your existing sewage pump can also be used as a

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Why does it take so long for hot water to come out of my faucet?

Ever notice that there are some faucets in your house that take a long time to provide hot water? You waste so much water waiting

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How to Tell if Your Hose Bibs Are Leaking

You might call them spigots, outdoor faucets, or hydrants but they’re all the same name for hose bibs, the water outlet attached to your house.

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How to get rid of the smell in my bathroom

You’ve cleaned and cleaned and bought every kind of deodorizer in the world, but your bathroom still smells bad. It could be sewer gas escaping

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