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Sewer lines, like other drain lines, can also develop stoppages. There are often telltale signs that a problem is developing long before the stoppage actually occurs. For instance, you may hear gurgling in the pipes when you flush a toilet. When you need a sewer line cleaning, you may also hear gurgling in one toilet in a first-floor bathroom while using water elsewhere in your home. You may notice some of your plumbing (sinks, bathtubs, washing machines) develop slow drains or complete stoppages. A main line stoppage requires a little more patience and a lot more skill to resolve with a sewer cleaning.

Unfortunately, there are some clogs that just cannot be dislodged by home equipment, chemicals, or other methods. During the laying of the pipes, joints are often not sealed tightly or correctly, or the glue dries up and cracks off at those joints over time. Over time, tree roots can start to invade joints in the pipe while seeking water. The end result can be blocked pipes, cracked pipes, or crushed pipes that occur underground and far beyond the customer’s reach. Generally, the typical homeowner is not going to have the industrial equipment needed to address these types of issues.

Professional plumbing technicians often utilize camera technology once they restore flow to the pipe and clear the water and sewage sitting in the pipe to examine the inside of a main line. This is how they can determine if the clog was actually removed instead of just being punctured enough to give temporary relief. They can also determine the cause of the sewage backup, such as a collapsed pipe, tree roots invading the pipe, or even a plumbing system failure. They can even see if the problem starts at the city public manhole, causing everything to back up into your main sewer line.

In addition, professionals have equipment that is more far-reaching than anything that could be purchased for consumer use in a big-box store. The plumbing snakes used by professionals are not only much longer but also often driven by a motor, allowing for a much more thorough result and examination. Using snakes and other attachments in conjunction with the camera technology, the plumber can examine the stoppage, identify it, and dislodge it.

Sewer Camera Inspection Service

Why does Three Way Plumbing utilize cameras once a sewer line is cleared? Three Way Plumbing’s DrainVision camera system actually lets the technician see inside your drain system that winds from under your house into your yard and to the main sewer. The benefit of the camera is that it allows your technician to find out the “what” and the “where” of a drain problem so it can be addressed at the source. Many drain cleaners will have to guess where the clog is and dig up your yard or tear out parts of your drain unnecessarily. This can be costly, messy, and inconvenient.

Many so-called “drain cleaning experts” can restore flow to your drain line by poking a hole in whatever obstruction is in the line. But all too often, this only solves the problem temporarily. Sooner or later, the clog comes back, causing your drain to become slow again, or worse, causing a messy and disgusting sewer backup into your home!

When our technicians use the DrainVision camera on your drain system, we can see minor problems before they become major problems and save you, the homeowner, lots of time, aggravation, and money. We can resolve your drain problems for good, so they won’t ever come back! This is why we have cameras on all of our trucks!

Ask how you can make the DrainVision part of a regular maintenance program in your home.

How Tree Roots Can Affect Your Sewer

Even the most fastidious housekeeper will have trouble preventing tree roots from affecting sewer lines.

  • Tree roots or other problems can cause drains to collapse or become clogged with dirt and roots.
  • Tree roots can enter a drainpipe through the smallest of cracks, seeking moisture.
  • Shown here is an actual drainpipe that has become so clogged with root growth that it’s actually “bursting” open. A different company had come and “poked” a hole in the clog once, but since it didn’t “see” the actual cause, the sewage backup returned and created a big mess inside the home yet again.
  • Tree root growth pulled out of the drainpipe. This clog caused a mess of their home after the washing machine’s spin cycle pushed water into the clogged pipe, which had nowhere to go but back up and out of a toilet all over hardwood floors in the bathroom and out into the hallway — pulling back all the sewage backed up and sitting in the pipe. What a mess!

All this can be prevented with Three Way Plumbing’s DrainVision camera. It’s insurance against expensive and costly repairs down the road, and since our technician actually “sees” what the problem is and where it is located, we can pinpoint just the spot where we need to make the sewer line repair. This prevents us from having to dig up your yard, driveway, or foundation except at just the spot where the problem lies. That’s the power of DrainVision!

Let the experts at Three Way Plumbing put the DrainVision camera to use for you today.

Sewer Cleaning FAQS

How do I unclog a main sewer line?

Sewer clogs can be a challenge to remove, and due to the possibility of water damage and waste spills, it is always best to call a professional to unclog a main sewer line. At Three Way Plumbing, our experts can use techniques such as power augering and hydro jetting to remove even the most stubborn clogs, and we will work diligently to protect your home and leave the work area as clean as possible when the job is done.

How can I tell if there’s a clog in my sewer vs. a line in my house?

When you have a clogged drain line inside your Charlotte-area home, only one or two fixtures will be affected, typically those that are upstream from the clog. When the main sewer line is clogged, however, it may cause problems for all the fixtures in your home, and you may notice wastewater backing up into low-lying drains, such as floor drains or bathtubs. With our video camera pipe inspection systems at Three Way Plumbing, we can verify the location and cause of the clog to provide the best possible solutions.

Is there anything I can do to keep my sewer drain from clogging?

All your drain lines in your home eventually run into your main sewer line, which is responsible for removing all waste from the home. Keeping individual drains clean will help keep the sewer line clean. To minimize clogs that happen from the accumulation of everyday waste, avoid flushing things like cooking grease or fats down the drain and add strainers to sink, shower, and tub drains to catch food particles, hair, and other large debris. Avoid flushing anything but waste and toilet paper down the toilet, and dispose of things such as baby wipes, diapers, “flushable” wipes, hygiene products, paper towels, and tissues in the garbage. Finally, call our team at Three Way Plumbing for prompt drain or sewer repairs anytime you notice problems or clogs.


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