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We specialize in providing fast, quality plumbing repair, replacement and installation services including:

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Whether you need a small repair like fixing a running toilet or have a bigger project like repairing a burst pipe in your slab foundation, we’ll treat you right with:
  • A complete and thorough evaluation of your individual situation. We’ll review options for repair and/or replacement with you to help you make the best choice for your home and situation.
  • Pricing and warranties in writing before we ever start any work so that there are no hidden costs and you can make an informed decision on how you would like us to proceed.
  • Only the highest quality materials available in the industry. Before we ever offer a product to our clients, we install it in our own homes to be sure it measures up to our high standards!
  • Same day service when you need help fast.


All Toilets Are Not Created Equal:

Besides features and technology, you should also consider quality when purchasing a new toilet. We find that a lot of the toilets lose their performance over time due to lower quality materials, build up of minerals in the water, age, or even outdated technology. Contractor grade toilets, as well as those sold at big box stores, are not the same quality as the professional level toilets that Three Way Plumbing has tested and will install in your home, even if they are the same brands. Manufacturers will often make changes to toilet models that are sold through different retailers. Some of the issues that we see in the lower quality toilets are that components may be made of plastic instead of brass, the porcelain insides are not glazed and there are not as many rim holes which means they don’t have as much flushing power and will clog more easily. A few more things to consider before buying a toilet online or at a box store: Will it be the right size and shape to fit properly in your existing rough-in? Will it be properly installed with the supply lines changed out and shut-off valves inspected and replaced if needed? What happens if there is a defect in the toilet? If there is a hairline crack in the porcelain that won’t be apparent until after it is installed and the water is running through it. You would then have to have the toilet uninstalled, return it the online store and have a new one delivered and re-installed. If the water leaking caused damage your insurance may not cover it and you would have to pursue compensation from the online supplier or toilet manufacturer yourself. Toilets purchased from and installed by a professional plumbing company like Three Way Plumbing are guaranteed so you would not have to worry about problems and costs arising from an improper fit or product defect.

Professional Toilet Repair or Replacement for Your Home

  • Does your toilet run all night long, keeping you awake and wasting water?
  • Are you tired of having to flush that toilet numerous times to empty the bowl?
  • Are you embarrassed when your guests need to plunge that toilet every time they visit?
  • Three Way Plumbing can help… whether you need a toilet repair or want to replace your old toilet with a shiny new one.

Garbage Disposal Jammed or Not Performing?

Three Way Plumbing can help get you out of a jam… your garbage disposal that is! Or if you want to replace your sluggish old garbage disposal with a new high performance one, our plumbing trucks are stocked and ready to serve you.

What are the common signs that your garbage disposal is not performing properly?

If your kitchen sink runs slow or continuously stops up, the most common cause of this is food particles not being ground up small enough to wash out of your pipes. This can happen if your garbage disposal blades have corroded over time and are no longer close enough to grind everything small enough. Do you have a foul odor that lingers from your kitchen sink area? Try grinding ice cubes down your disposal to clean away the particles sticking to your blades. If your garbage disposal hums when you turn it on or doesn’t turn on at all, it could be a result of a jamming due to something stuck in the disposal that can’t be ground or the blades not grinding the particles small enough to pass through the strainer and wash out of the pipes.

Not All Garbage Disposals Are Created Equal!

The best garbage disposals have stainless steel, NOT galvanized, grind components so the garbage disposal does not rot out and the teeth do not get ground down rendering them ineffective. Look for cutting teeth that are closer together so that everything gets ground up small and can wash through your pipes freely. High rpm motors and longer warrantees are also features of premium high performance models. from The Piranha to a standard garbage disposal you can find at box stores in the chart below. Although premium garbage disposals cost more initially, they provide a better long-term value along with high performance and fewer drain back ups that you’ll enjoy in your kitchen every day!

Helpful Tips: What Can and Cannot Go Down A Garbage Disposal?

A good general rule of thumb is if you don’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it down the garbage disposal. That covers things like bones, eggshells, thick rinds and fish tank gravel. It is not a good idea to put pasta or rice down a garbage disposal as it continues to expand when it absorbs more water. Really stringy vegetables like celery or hard ones like carrots are also not garbage disposal friendly. When pouring grease or melted butter into the disposal or drain, run cold water not hot water. Grind ice cubes to sharpen blades and run a baking soda & vinegar mixture through to clear up smelly food bits. Adding 2 oz of BioOne once a month is ideal for keeping your garbage disposal and drains clear and fresh smelling.

Does it seem like faucets aren’t what they used to be and why use a plumbing professional to install your faucet?

We put all the faucets we carry through extensive testing and even try them out in our own homes for real- life performance tests. We only carry faucets from manufacturers who put a large investment in research & development, product engineering, state-of-the-art highest equipment, and the highest quality materials that results in faucets unparalleled in durability & design. The faucets we select are built to meet the strict quality standards set by the Uniform Plumbing Code. Although some faucets you see at box stores may carry the same brand and design name, you can feel the difference in the materials and construction! The professional line faucets we carry are constructed with solid brass of a heavier gauge. There are no snap-on connectors with o-rings that cause leaks, break and can cause floods. We carry a selection of solid brass faucets for you to choose from. If you prefer to pick out your own faucet, we highly recommend purchasing one from a plumbing supply house or showroom. Why? Because the discount box stores may have faucets that look the same by the same manufacturer’s, but there is a reason they are much cheaper at the box stores. In order to sell them at a significant discount, they are made of much lower quality with plastics pieces and plated finishes. You will be able to purchase a quality faucet that you love at a fair price. We will of course, install a faucet for you that you purchased elsewhere, but there are many benefits of choosing the right look for you from our wide selection and having us install it. Our faucets are not designed and constructed with quantity as the selling factor, but rather quality. All of the faucets we supply come with a 2-year written guarantee as well as a 100-year drip free manufacturer’s warranty and we stand behind our work. If there is a problem with any of the faucets we provide and install during that time, we will be there to take care of that problem right away at no additional cost to you. If a faucet purchased elsewhere has a problem, you could be without a faucet while waiting for the parts to arrive (with no guarantee that the part will fix the whole problem), or if it is a defect covered by their limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, waiting for a replacement to arrive and then having the expense of re-installing those parts or that replacement faucet.

Gas Lines, Gas Leak Detection And Gas Appliance Installation

Everyone knows who to call to run a water line…right? You would call a plumber! And…everyone knows who to call if they need Freon in their HVAC unit…right? You would call an HVAC tech! But, what if you had a problem with a gas line? What if you needed a gas line run for your new gas grill or stove or dryer or gas logs? What professional would you call to do that job? That’s right, you would call a professionally-licensed plumber! You may be surprised to learn that professional plumbing technicians are licensed, certified and authorized to do all types of work that involve gas lines. A licensed plumber has been trained in all of the areas that must be considered when working with natural gas as well as propane, especially when safety must be the primary concern. Clearly, working on gas lines requires extreme skill and attention to detail. There is too much at stake to hire an unlicensed plumber regardless of how much money you think you may be saving!

So, the next time you need help with gas, give us a call!

  • Gas Water Heaters
  • Gas Dryers
  • Gas Grills
  • Gas Fireplace Logs
  • Gas Generators
  • Or need gas lines installed, a gas leak detected, a gas line repair or gas appliances installed or replacements made

why choose three way plumbing?

With over 20 years of experience as a trusted plumber in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas, we have proven our ability to provide fast, high-quality plumbing repair, replacement, and installation service. Our friendly team members are dedicated to getting to the root of your problem, not merely a band-aid fix. Expect upfront, transparent, and respectful services from start to finish.

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