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How to Change Out Your Vanity

post img Installing a new vanity cabinet can be a great way to update the look of your bathroom, especially if you replace the countertop, sink, and faucet at the same time. Even small projects like this can add significant value to your home in the Charlotte area. This type of project can easily be completed by homeowners who are a bit handy, except for the plumbing, perhaps.

Removing the Old Vanity

Make sure you have a bucket and rags handy to catch any spilled water. Turn off the supply valves for the faucet located below the sink, and use an adjustable wrench to loosen the supply lines from the valves and the faucet. Catch any spilled water with a bucket or rags. Use a large adjustable wrench or pipe wrench to loosen the nuts for the drain fittings and disconnect the drain line for the sink, placing a bucket beneath to catch any spilled water.

From underneath the counter, remove any fasteners or brackets that secure the countertop to the vanity, then use a putty or utility knife to cut through any caulk and remove the countertop from the old vanity. Remove any screws that attach the vanity to the wall, marking their locations for future reference. Remove the vanity and clean the area it occupied.

Assembling the New Vanity

Assemble the vanity according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some vanities may come as a kit with a countertop and sink, but for others, you will have to add your own. When selecting a new vanity, make sure it will fit by first measuring the intended installation area. And if you plan to reuse the old countertop, choose a vanity of the same width and depth.

Installing the Countertop and Sink

If you are installing a new sink and countertop, cut the countertop to the appropriate size according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Cut an opening for the sink according to the template provided by the sink manufacturer, and mount it using the hardware included with the sink.

Install the sink and countertop by placing a bead of caulk between the vanity and the countertop. Secure the countertop with any hardware provided by the vanity manufacturer.

Installing the Vanity

Mark the wall just above the height of the new vanity with the location of the studs. Normally, the old screws will have been driven into the studs, so you can use those locations, or you can find the studs with a stud finder. Place the new vanity into its final location, then use a level and shims to make sure it is level and plumb. Fasten the vanity to the wall studs with long screws, then place a bead of caulk where the wall and countertop meet.

Completing the Plumbing

To complete your vanity replacement, it is best to call a professional plumber to install the faucet, connect the water supply lines, and install the drain system. This ensures that all the plumbing components meet local codes and that you’ll have no problems with leaks or water damage.

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