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5 Ways To Reduce Your Water Bill

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As costs increase and water shortages become more widespread, many homeowners are rethinking their water usage and looking for ways to reduce their consumption.

On average, American families spend about $1,000 on water annually, which includes an estimated 180 gallons of wasted water each week. Below are our best tips for reducing water usage and monthly bills.


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1. Fix or Replace Your Faucets

Older or leaky fixtures tend to waste a lot of water each month. By replacing older faucets and showerheads with modern water-saving fixtures with an EPA-certified WaterSense label, you can maintain the same performance while reducing your overall water usage.

You may even be able to reduce your water use by replacing your faucet’s inexpensive aerator that inserts air into the stream of water to create a forceful stream while using less water. 


If you need a fixture repaired or replaced, trust Three Way Plumbing’s faucet repair and replacement.


2. Check for Leaking Pipes or Toilets

Even slow leaks in your plumbing system can add up to thousands of gallons of wasted water annually. In fact, by repairing leaks, you could reduce your water bill by up to 10%. A leak is often obvious — but not always.


Sometimes, the leak can happen outside of your home. To check if your water pipe is leaking outside, check your water meter. First, shut off the water to your home. Then, check the meter 30 minutes later. If it has moved while the water is off, you probably have a leak outside that’s wasting water.


Check your accessible taps, toilets, and hose connections regularly for leaks, and keep an eye on your water bill for an unexplained increase in costs, which may suggest a hidden leak within your walls, flooring, or even out in your yard.


If you suspect a leak, the experienced team at Three Way Plumbing can detect and repair leaks quickly and efficiently.


3. Invest in a Dishwasher

Although it may seem contradictory, washing dishes by hand can use more than six times as much water as a modern dishwasher or twice as much as an older dishwasher.

If you need to hand-wash any dishes, fill one side of your sink or a washtub with hot, soapy water for washing and the other side with cool water for rinsing. This will conserve water better than keeping the faucet running the entire time.


4. Replace Old Toilets

It may surprise you to learn that toilets use almost as much water as washing machines and showers. ENERGY STAR® recommends replacing older toilets — especially those installed before 1992 — with WaterSense-certified models that can significantly reduce the amount of water used with each flush.


5. Upgrade Your Appliances To Save Water, Energy & Costs

Older dishwashers and washing machines use more water and energy than modern models. By replacing your home’s appliances with modern ENERGY STAR appliances that meet EPA efficiency standards, you may be able to decrease your water usage by more than 60%. 


Trust Three Way Plumbing To Save You Money on Water Bills

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Our team is experienced in plumbing repairs, replacements, and maintenance and offers comprehensive services throughout the greater Charlotte area.

We can assess your home’s water usage and plumbing system and make additional recommendations to save you water and money. 


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