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Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters

Do you have an Eternal Hybrid Water Heater and are looking for service in the Charlotte Metro Area?

Although Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters combine the best of both standard and tankless water heaters, the manufacturer is no longer in business and most companies will not entertain the idea of a service on them. Although we can still service certain issues with the Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters, for many types of repairs the parts are no longer available.  Please give us a call, and we ill be happy to provide you with any possible options for servicing your Eternal Hybrid Water Heater as well as alternative choices, such as a tankless water heater which can provide the benefits of endless hot water, versatile installation locations, as well as energy savings.  

We’re locally owned and operated and we try out all the equipment we offer before we’ll sell it to our customers. Our office manager has this hybrid water heater in her Concord home and she loves it, while most of the rest of us here have a tankless in our homes! We try everything we offer here and have always stood behind our products.  We understand the frustration you may be feeling, especially if the company that installed the heater will not honor their personal guaranty they gave you.  Therefore, if you are having a problem with your Eternal Hybrid Water Heater, give us a call and let us send our one of our trained professionals to assess your situation.  Our technicians have the experience and the expertise to point you in the right direction when it comes to the best type of water heater to meet your needs whether it is a tankless water heater or a traditional tank water heater.  For your inconvenience, we will even credit our dispatch fee to any work performed, whether it is a repair or replacement of your unit.  Give us a call today!