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Gerber Toilets - High Efficiency Toilets

Although we can pick up or special order any of the Gerber toilets you prefer, we have chosen the Gerber Viper to be the one that we carry on all of our trucks.  It is a reliable high-efficiency toilet with 1.28 gallons per flush.  It has a 3" flush valve so there is a larger amount of water than most standard toilets which produces a quicker and more powerful flush.  The Viper we carry is comfort height and elongated for a sleek look in a two-piece toilet.  The Viper has a unique rim jet design for complete bowl rinsing, yet it is quiet.  The Gerber Viper has more than double the flushing capacity than the industry standard.  The Viper also comes in a compact model with a round front for those tight fit areas and smaller bathrooms ensuring your toilet takes up even less space in a small room.   

If you are in the market for a great valued toilet with a lower price point that is reliable and looks good, then the Gerber Viper is the toilet for you.



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