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Professional Toilet Repair or Replacement for Your Charlotte Metro Area Home

Does your toilet run all night long, keeping you awake and wasting water?

Are you tired of having to flush that toilet numerous times to empty the bowl?

Are you embarrassed when your guests need to plunge that toilet every time they visit?

Three Way Plumbing can help… whether you need a toilet repair or want to replace your old toilet with a shiny new one.

When Should A Toilet Be Replaced?

  • If the porcelain is cracked or damaged
  • To enjoy new & better technology: flushing power, quietness, self-cleaning, double flush
  • To upgrade the look of your bathroom
  • To change from standard height to comfort height
  • If a repair is not cost-effective

What Are Signs That You Need A Toilet Repair?

  • Your toilet is constantly running or flushing by itself. Besides being annoying, a running toilet can waste 20-30 gallons of water a day.
  • Your toilet is leaking or water is seeping at the base.
  • You have to jiggle the handle.
  • Parts have broken or bolts are rusted.
  • It requires multiple flushes.

How To Choose The Right Toilet

Consider the following for space needs and features that are important to you:

  • Flushing Power. For super high power flushing, check out the innovative Toto Double Cyclone with a dual-nozzle water propulsion system.
  • Water Saving. High-efficiency models use only 1.28 gallons per flush while still offering excellent flushing power. Dual Flush offers a low-water flush for liquid waste, or a stronger flush for solid waste.
  • Noise. Some flushing types are quieter than others. You can also get features such as non-slamming lids.
  • Size & Height. Your bathroom rough-in size needs to match. Round bowls fit better in smaller spaces. Taller "comfort height" toilets make getting on and off easier.
  • Comfort & Convenience. Did you know you can get heated seats or self-cleaning toilet bowls?
  • Design and Color. Whether your style is traditional or modern there is a toilet to match.

All Toilets Are Not Created Equal

Besides features and technology, you should also consider quality when purchasing a new toilet.  We find that a lot of the toilets lose their performance over time due to lower quality materials and build. Contractor grade toilets, as well as those sold at big box stores, are not the same quality as the professional level toilets that Three Way Plumbing has tested and will install in your home, even if they are the same brands. Manufacturers will often make changes to toilet models that are sold through different retailers. Some of the issues that we see in the lower quality toilets are that components may be made of plastic instead of brass, the porcelain insides are not glazed and there are not as many rim holes which means they don’t have as much flushing power and will clog more easily.

A few more things to consider before buying a toilet online or at a box store: Will it be the right size and shape to fit properly in your existing rough-in?  Will it be properly installed with the supply lines changed out and shut-off valves inspected and replaced if needed? What happens if there is a defect in the toilet?  If there is a hairline crack in the porcelain that won’t be apparent until after it is installed and the water is running through it. You would then have to have the toilet uninstalled, return it the online store and have a new one delivered and re-installed. If the water leaking caused damage your insurance may not cover it and you would have to pursue compensation from the online supplier or toilet manufacturer yourself. 

Toilets purchased from and installed by a professional plumbing company like Three Way Plumbing are guaranteed so you would not have to worry about problems and costs arising from an improper fit or product defect.

What Are The Best Toilet Brands?

We carry Toto and Gerber professional level toilets because we have found them to consistently deliver high quality products with excellent performance and many features to choose from. Schedule an appointment with one of our professional plumbing technicians who will come to your Charlotte, Concord, Huntersville and surrounding area home to evaluate your bathroom, ask you what features you would like and show you the best toilet options for your home.