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Expert Plumbing Repairs & Services for Your Home from the Best Plumbers in the Charlotte Metro Area

We specialize in providing fast, high quality repair, replacement and installation services including:
  •   Plumbing Repairs
  •   Drain Cleaning
  •   Water Heaters
  •   Water Filtration
  •   Sewer Lines
  •   Water Lines
  •   Toilets
  •   Gas Lines
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We're a full service plumbing company for residential and commercial properties, so chances are we've seen (and fixed) your problem before.
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Why Choose Three Way Plumbing

We believe in only hiring highly-skilled, drug tested and background checked professionals that will perform your work honestly and with integrity. We believe in educating you toward informed decision making—ultimately solving your challenges, protecting you from disease, maintaining your comfort and improving your quality of life.

  •   Our phones are answered by a live person 365 days a year
  •   Our trucks are fully stocked so that we have the part you need
  •   We contact you 30 minutes prior to a technician's arrival
  •   We provide you with an honest price BEFORE any work is done
  •   We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Here's what our customers say
  • The technician did a fantastic job!
    — J. Snipes
  • Their honesty is one of the great assets of this company!
    — B.F. Mullis
  • I was impressed with the technician's knowledge, expertise, timeliness and courtesy.
    — B. Hisman
  • They were spot on and had a solution to my problem.
    — M. Wilson
Danielle Martini
18 years of plumbing in Charlotte, Huntersville & Concord has made us one of the most trusted repair services in the area.

My promise to you is that we will do everything to earn and to keep your trust too. Our family-owned and operated business has always been based on what I would want from a service professional entering my own home; respect for you, your time, your home, friendly staff who are well-trained professionals who care about delivering quality, and a company that stands behind all they do.

Latest Blog Post
What does it mean when I hear gurgling noises from my toilet? 16 April 2015

What does it mean when I hear gurgling noises from my toilet?

There are several things that could cause your toilet to make gurgling sounds; a blockage in the toilet or drain for that toilet, a blockage in the vent stack leading up to the roof that may have a nest or leaves in it, or most commonly a main sewer drain blockage. The gurgling sound you hear is from air that escapes backwards into the toilet and is the first sign of a more serious issue occurring and a messy disaster waiting to show itself at the most inopportune time.