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Common Health Dangers and the Benefits of Filtered Water

Filtered water is simply healthier. Reports have indicated that it may be very important to remove chloramines from our water. What is known is that it is a mixture of ammonia and chlorine, is responsible for many incidences of respiratory illnesses and perhaps most worrying of all, causes lead to leech out of pipes and fittings. Even brass fittings are not immune as they usually contain some lead, making removing chloramines a priority.

And the problem exists beyond just drinking chlorinated water. If you don't want to drink it, why would you want to cook with it or bathe in it, or give it to your pets?

What are chloramines?

Chloramines are formed when your water company combines chlorine, which can be expensive, to ammonia. This combination allows the water company to "stretch" its supply of chlorine thus saving them money.

Why is chlorine so bad for you?

Studies by Dr. K. Thickett of the Occupational Lung Diseases Unit at the Birmingham Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham, England, showed that there was an increase in asthma related conditions for those working around swimming pools. When they moved away from the pools, their symptoms improved or went away entirely.

It has also been shown that tap water contains the same problems for many people. The U.S. EPA has stated that every household in America on a chlorinated water system has an elevated level of chloroform gas in the indoor air. This elevated level is directly related to showering, cooking, washing dishes, clothes, and even flushing toilets with chlorinated water. The fact is that every time you open a waterspout in your home, you are releasing asthma-causing substances into your household atmosphere.

It is no use boiling, distilling or even using reverse osmosis, none of them can do the job! That means carbon block filters are the most effective method for removing chloramines.

When choosing a system look for one that uses activated carbon with submicron filtering. This will ensure 99.9% of contaminants such as chloramine and lead are removed, leaving you with safe, pure water.

Even without the presence of chloramines, it is vital to drink and use filtered water… as the water supply has been known to have over 2,100 toxic chemicals in it… including prescription drugs and pesticides!

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