Toto Toilets 

  •   Toto is the number one manufacturer of toilets worldwide produceing toilets that not only save water but also flush extremely well!
  • Toto has always been the leader in innovation when it comes to efficient and effective flushing systems
  •   Toto toilets are contemporary and have a high profile design. They have a quiet yet powerful professional-grade flushing performance.
  •   Toto toilets are designed for a more powerful single flush to avoid the annoying multiple flushes and stoppage problems with most toilets.
  •   Toto Toilets are Eco-friendly.
  •   Toto’s success derives from its unsurpassed commitment to quality, reliability, technological innovation, and sustainability – a commitment that pushes the company beyond industry standards.
  •   Toto has been honored as Water Efficiency Leader by the Environmental Protection Agency due to their reputation for high-quality, high-performance, high-efficiency toilets.

The EPA has developed a comprehensive water-efficiency labeling program similar in concept to the EnergyStar program called WaterSense. Efficient products and informed consumers, lead to smart water use – every drop counts.  

Although we can pick up or order, if necessary, any toilet you may be interested in, here are the ones we have tested at Three Way Plumbing and have chosen for the value they provide based on efficiency and performance.  All the toilets that we carry on our trucks are elongated and comfort height, but we have round versions in our warehouse.

The Toto Eco-Drake utilizes the E-Max flushing system.  It has the wide 3" flush valve providing a fast and powerful flush every time while being ultra quiet at the same time.  It saves you an additional 20% on your water bill because it flushes 1.28 gallons per flush while producing the same high results as the 1.6 model.  The large trapways -- the bends and turns within the bowl -- are glazed to ensure the evacuation of waste along with the siphon jet that is pulling the waste through with incredible force.   

The Drake II utilizes the new technology called double-cyclone and harnesses the power of water and gravity creating a much more powerful flush with a hole-free design.  What this means is the dirt and bacteria that normally gets trapped in the rim holes is eliminated and that means less cleaning.  There is a dual-water propulsion system that directs even more water to the siphon that pulls the waste through at the same time it is being pushed through.  The Drake II also has the exclusive Toto SanaGloss finish that seals the procelain's surface permanently and it repels particles rendering it sleek and nothing is able to stick to it.  This also ensures that you are cleaning your toilet less.  

The Aquia Dual Flush High-Efficiency Toilet proves itself extremely popular with designers, architects, and homeowners alike. The stylish models enable the user to select the level of water used each time the toilet is flushed - 1.6 gallons for heavy or bulk waste or 0.9 gallons, for light or liquid waste.  Human physiology, however, determines that, on a daily basis, the average user will make three liquid stops and one solid; therefore, the Aquia’s water consumption average over the course of the day is close to one gallon per flush. The inner beauty arises from its powerful gravity flush with a wash-down system that directs 100% of the water through the rim to keep the bowl clean. The Toto Dual-Max Flushing System is the leading choice for dual flush performance and conservation. Traditionally, dual flush toilets sacrificed either performance or conservation, but not so with Toto. The dual-flushing Aquia has received the WaterSense label by the EPA.. 

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