Serving Charlotte, Huntersville, Concord and Surrounding Areas

2 April 2015

Q: Can’t you just give me a ballpark price over the phone?

A: We have found that ballpark prices over the phone are rarely in the consumer’s favor ...
2 April 2015

Q: How do I know a technician is not trying to sell me what I don’t need?

A: Unlike most other companies, our technicians are not paid on commission ...
2 April 2015

Q: Why do you charge a dispatch & evaluation fee if X Company is willing to come out for free?

A: Why do you think they are willing to do it for free? Logic says either they have ...
2 April 2015

Q: We’ve only been in the house less than a month. Why is sewage backing up all over my floors?

A: Typically your main sewer drain line does not back up for no apparent reason ...
2 April 2015

Q: Why do I have high water pressure to my home all of a sudden?

A: As communities across our area grow, local utility municipalities have to increase ...

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