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2 April 2015

Q: Why should I pay you to come out and give me a price in person to replace my water heater when it says it only costs $X at my local retail store for installation?

A: When you are given a price for the installation of a water heater site unseen, there are...
2 April 2015

Q: Why are you charging me a dispatch & evaluation fee if I already know what is wrong?

A: We appreciate that you have looked at your situation and feel you have properly ...
2 April 2015

Q: That’s not soon enough. I have someone who said they can get here right away.

A: I understand that time is everyone’s most precious commodity and we try to get ...
2 April 2015

Q: What is a thermal-expansion tank?

A: It is a small tank that gives the extra water a place to go once thermal expansion ...
2 April 2015

Q: Why do I have to pay just to get you to come out?

A: We appreciate you being concerned about your budget in today’s economic times ...

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