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Our Story 23 December 2015

Our Story

When an emergency strikes and you’re in need of a plumber, what are the most important qualities you look for in a company? At Three Way Plumbing honesty, integrity and reliability are the three that we spend every single day abiding by, and that’s why we are known as The Good Guys. Want to learn a little more about us? See below:
Why You're Not Getting Enough Hot Water 22 December 2015

Why You're Not Getting Enough Hot Water

Do you suffer from cold water halfway through your showers? Run out of hot water while washing your dishes? Water heaters perform an important function by heating the water we use for cooking, cleaning and bathing so it can become a real disaster if they start to malfunction. There are a few reasons why you may not be receiving an adequate amount of hot water in your home - see below to find out:
Holiday On Ice 17 December 2015

Holiday On Ice

Grab your friends and family members, sharpen up those skates and head on out to Charlotte’s only outdoor ice rink! Holiday On Ice is the city’s “Rockefeller Center” where you can enjoy a night of skating under the stars in the heart of Uptown. There’s no better way to enjoy the winter season.
Don't Throw These Foods Down The Disposal 14 December 2015

Don't Throw These Foods Down The Disposal

Now that the holidays are here and you’ve got a lot on your plate, you might tend to get a bit lazy. Instead of properly getting rid of those food scraps, you decide to take the easy way out. What does this mean for your garbage disposal? Find out below: 
Keep Your Drains Clear With BioOne 10 December 2015

Keep Your Drains Clear With BioOne

Getting tired of constantly clogged drains? They can really put a damper on your holiday season because we all know they never come at a convenient time. Now you can kiss them goodbye with the power of BioOne.

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