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Best Temperature For Water Heaters 26 January 2016

Best Temperature For Water Heaters

Check the temperature setting on your water heater. Is it set higher than 120°F? This could be contributing to your high energy bills each month and believe it or not, it can be bad for your health.
6 January 2016

Water Heaters: Tankless vs. Traditional

Not getting enough hot water to meet your daily demand? Noticing rust in your water? Tight on space and want to get rid of that big tank? Then you need to have a tankless water heating system installed! And these are just a few of the reasons hundreds of homeowners in the Charlotte and Huntersville area have made the switch - keep reading below to find out more!
Why You're Not Getting Enough Hot Water 22 December 2015

Why You're Not Getting Enough Hot Water

Do you suffer from cold water halfway through your showers? Run out of hot water while washing your dishes? Water heaters perform an important function by heating the water we use for cooking, cleaning and bathing so it can become a real disaster if they start to malfunction. There are a few reasons why you may not be receiving an adequate amount of hot water in your home - see below to find out:
How long does a water heater last? 31 August 2015

How long does a water heater last?

While statistics show the average lifespan of a water heater is 8-12 years for a traditional tank water heater, there are many factors involved in the actual lifespan and what you are considering the term lifespan to mean.  Some people consider the lifespan of a water heater to be when the costs of repairs are not justified when compared to the investment of a replacement; while others consider the lifespan to mean the water heater cannot be repaired and must be replaced. 

How does a tank water heater work?

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