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Why Are My Pipes Leaking At The End Of Winter? 10 March 2016

Why Are My Pipes Leaking At The End Of Winter?

In Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas it’s not uncommon to witness what seems like all four seasons throughout the span of one week at the end of winter. Temperatures can dip down into the 30s overnight and climb to nearly 75° during the day. What does this mean for homeowners? Such drastic temperature changes can cause your pipes to weaken and potentially burst.
Cleaning Your Tub Naturally 1 March 2016

Cleaning Your Tub Naturally

Still using harmful chemical cleaners to get water spots and grime out of your tub? If so, you probably don’t realize how much damage they can be doing to you and your family. It’s time to put down the bad stuff and clean your bathtub naturally.
Benefits of WaterSense Bathroom Fixtures 26 February 2016

Benefits of WaterSense Bathroom Fixtures

Did you know that showering is one of the leading ways we use water in our homes? It’s right up there with doing a load of laundry or running the dishwasher. Showering accounts for nearly 17% of residential indoor water use which adds up to roughly 40 gallons of water for a family each day. But you can cut back on your water consumption by doing something as little as upgrading your bathroom fixtures to WaterSense products.
What Is A Sewer Camera Inspection? 24 February 2016

What Is A Sewer Camera Inspection?

What’s causing your drains to back up? It could be a result of tossing hot bacon grease down the drain, it could be a result of flushing common bathroom items like cotton balls or hygiene products, or it could be even worse - tree roots that have punctured your main line and are restricting the size of your pipes or pipes that collapsed or come apart underground. How can this problem be fixed? Find out below:
5 Ways To Conserve Water 23 February 2016

5 Ways To Conserve Water

Did you know that cutting only 4 minutes off of your shower can save about 30 gallons of water? Most Americans don’t realize how fortunate they are to have access to clean water. And they also don’t realize how much they waste each year. By changing your daily routine ever so slightly, you can help make a difference. Try a few of the water conservation tips below:

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