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5 Kitchen Items You Should Wash By Hand 25 March 2016

5 Kitchen Items You Should Wash By Hand

Ever wonder why some of your kitchen items are not dishwasher safe? Well, if you’ve ever put any of these items in for a cycle, you might have noticed they melted, warped or lost the top layer of coating. To avoid any or all of these problems in the future, stick to washing the kitchen utensils below by hand.
Benefits of Filtered Water 24 March 2016

Benefits of Filtered Water

You’re parched so you grab a glass out of the cabinet and head over to the faucet to fill your cup. There’s nothing better than an iced cold glass of water when you’re thirsty, right? Well, if you’re drinking unfiltered tap water you’re in for a big surprise.
Preparing Your Plumbing For Spring 22 March 2016

Preparing Your Plumbing For Spring

Hooray for spring! Now that it’s officially here, it’s time to start thinking about getting your home’s plumbing system ready for warmer temperatures. Even if it’s not on your list of top priorities for the week, performing the tasks below can save you from costly repairs and damage down the road.
How To Fix A Leaky Pipe 18 March 2016

How To Fix A Leaky Pipe

Help! I have a pipe that’s leaking all over my floor! Sound familiar? If not, consider yourself lucky. But whether you’ve experienced a leaking pipe or not, it’s vital to understand what to do during this emergency. Being educated can limit water damage and save you lots of money in the long run.
Quick Fixes For A Leaky Toilet 16 March 2016

Quick Fixes For A Leaky Toilet

That small toilet leak may not sound so small when you consider that it could be wasting upwards of 15 gallons of water per day. It’s time to stop putting it off - take care of it today! After all, it’s National Fix A Leak Week so this is the perfect time.

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