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July Testimonial Spotlight 27 July 2016

July Testimonial Spotlight

My promise to you is that we will do everything to earn and to keep your trust too. Our family-owned and operated business has always been based on what I would want from a service professional entering my own home; respect for you, your time, your home, friendly staff who are well-trained professionals who care about delivering quality, and a company that stands behind all they do. See what your friends and neighbors are saying about our work below:

Summer Floods 26 July 2016

Summer Floods

It’s hot outside. The AC is running pretty much ‘round the clock and you’re doing whatever it takes to stay cool. You’ve got a trip coming up and you’ve heard some of the nightmare stories about coming back home to a flood after vacation. You want to avoid this type of problem at all costs because let’s face it, coming home to a flood would make you lose your cool. What can you do? Find out below:
Charlotte Sewer Cleaning 21 July 2016

Charlotte Sewer Cleaning

You turn on the water somewhere in your home only to hear a gurgling noise in the first-floor bathroom. You hear a gurgling noise in your pipes when you flush a toilet. You notice some of your plumbing (sinks, bathtubs, washing machine) develops a slow drain or a complete stoppage. What could be the problem?

Water Conservation in the Yard & Garden 19 July 2016

Water Conservation in the Yard & Garden

We’re smack dab in the middle of the summer season and it’s around this time every year that homeowners start to notice their yard could use some water. Let’s face it, above average temperatures and the sun’s strong rays can wreak havoc on your lawn or garden. And while we understand that watering is a MUST, there are a few conservation tips you’ll want to keep in mind this season. This way, everybody wins!

Tips for Detecting Hidden Leaks 12 July 2016

Tips for Detecting Hidden Leaks

Just because you don’t see water coming through the ceiling or pooling on the floor, doesn’t mean you don’t have a leak. We’ve encountered a number of instances where homeowners were unaware that they had a leak, and that leak was costing them a small fortune. Read below to find out how you can test for leaks to solve the problem before it turns into a major headache.

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