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Testimonial Spotlight: October 27 October 2016

Testimonial Spotlight: October

Our mission at Three Way Plumbing is to provide a memorable service experience founded on honesty, integrity and reliability. We always educate our clients toward informed decision making – ultimately solving problems, protecting from disease, maintaining comfort and improving quality of life. But you don’t have to take our word, just see what our customers are saying about us below!
How To Unclog a Toilet in an Emergency 26 October 2016

How To Unclog a Toilet in an Emergency

Hosting a Halloween party this weekend? We hope your night is filled with laughs, food, drinks and outrageous costumes - not a clogged toilet. But when there’s lots of added stress on your home’s plumbing especially during parties and the holidays the chance of a clog tends to rise. And while a clogged toilet is never a good thing, you’ll be able to scare it away with the tips below!

Tackle These 5 Quick Chores Today! 20 October 2016

Tackle These 5 Quick Chores Today!

Is your significant other bugging you daily to take care of the honey-do list? We know how you feel, we’ve been there too. And while you may want to just kick back and relax after a long day’s work, we strongly encourage you to tackle the projects below. Your spouse will be happy and they only take 10 minutes or less, trust us!
Home Decor Trends For Fall 2016 12 October 2016

Home Decor Trends For Fall 2016

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom this season? Fall tends to be a wonderful time of year to tackle indoor projects, especially for those who want to transform their home just in time for the holidays. Well, if you’re like most homeowners and have trouble deciding on colors, themes and materials for your project, check out some of the latest trends for fall 2016 below:
3 Common Water Heater Problems 7 October 2016

3 Common Water Heater Problems

If you’re like most homeowners in the Concord, NC area, you rely heavily on your water heater for a variety of different purposes. From cooking and cleaning to bathing and everything in between, we want hot water when we need it and if it malfunctions it can seem like the end of the world. We understand your pain. See below to find out 3 common things that can go wrong with your water heater:

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