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27 September 2016

4 Plumbing Tips For Pet Owners

4 Plumbing Tips For Pet Owners

Is Bailey drinking out of the toilet bowl again? Is Bella dragging her behind across the carpet? If you have a furry friend or two who are anything like ours, you may have run into a few of the unique plumbing problems that come along with them. So, before you find yourself in some serious trouble when it comes to your home’s plumbing system keep these plumbing tips for pet owners in mind:

  1. Just because the label says “flushable” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to flush. That goes for most kitty litter products. Cat litter is a common cause of clogged toilets which is why you should scoop it into a bag and toss it in the trash instead.

  2. Dogs tend to drag their behinds across the carpet when they need a bath. Don’t take these signals from your pet lightly, but before you put them into the tub put a drain strainer in place. Lots of hair comes off when you give your pet a scrub.

  3. Keep the lid closed at all times - except when you’re going, of course! Chemicals and other products used to clean the bowl often leave behind residue that can harm your pets if swallowed.

  4. Block off or close up exposed pipes and drains. These objects around your house can seem like the perfect chew toy for your pet. Put pieces of furniture or other large objects in place so your dog or cat can’t access pipes or open drains.

Has your pet gotten the best of your home’s plumbing system? Call on The Good Guys at Three Way Plumbing to take care of the problem. Give us a call today at 704-795-9349.

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