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26 July 2016

Summer Floods

Summer Floods

It’s hot outside. The AC is running pretty much ‘round the clock and you’re doing whatever it takes to stay cool. You’ve got a trip coming up and you’ve heard some of the nightmare stories about coming back home to a flood after vacation. You want to avoid this type of problem at all costs because let’s face it, coming home to a flood would make you lose your cool. What can you do? Find out below:

What Causes Summer Floods?

Maybe you’ve heard of the term “summer flood” before and maybe you haven’t. In either case, you definitely never want to experience it. What is a summer flood? It happens when minerals from water and condensation mix with lint from dust in the air and cause your pipes to back up. Believe it or not, condensation from your home’s air conditioning system drains into one of your plumbing drain pipes and this is the where the problem originates. When the pipe gets clogged, it backs up causing a “summer flood” even though there is no water running in the house.

How Can Summer Floods Be Prevented?

If you’re planning on heading out of town for a few days or weeks, it’s a good idea to turn off the water to your home. But that alone won’t do the trick. We recommend turning up the temperature on your air conditioner to minimize condensation buildup in a clogged drain. We also suggest using one of our drain maintenance products or giving us a call to come and clear out those drains.

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