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26 May 2016

How To Choose The Perfect Backyard Sink

How To Choose The Perfect Backyard Sink

You’ve got the burgers and dogs on the grill to start, a nice steak marinating and a pot of beans on the burner. You’re hosting your weekly backyard bbq and everything is going great until you realize how much better life would be without having to go inside to use the sink. But before you head out to the store to shop around, here are some things you’ll want to consider:

  1. It’s time to think of a plan. What type of sink are you going to need? How big of a basin do you want? Do you need both hot and cold water? Where are you going to locate it? These are just a few of the questions to get you started down the right path.

  2. Decide on the material. Stainless steel sinks tend to be the most common for outdoor use but you can step up the look and feel with bronze or copper.

  3. Once you decide on the sink material, you’ll need to choose a faucet to go with it. Brass tends to work well stainless steel, bronze and copper sinks and it’s important to keep in mind that bronze and copper can change color over time.

  4. Avoid choosing materials made of plastic or rubber since they have a greater chance of breaking down in hot or cold weather.

  5. Don’t forget about drainage. Be sure to plan out how your sink will drain in the backyard and ask yourself how you’re going to shut it down in preparation for winter.

Need help coming up with a plan for your outdoor kitchen? The Good Guys at Three Way Plumbing are here to help. We’ll help you choose the perfect sink and we can even install gas lines for your new grill! Call us today at 704-795-9349 and don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook!

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