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5 May 2016

Hot Water Right When You Need It

Hot Water Right When You Need It

Do you have to turn on the shower or bathtub and wait for a few minutes for the water to heat up before you get in? Turn on the kitchen sink and then take out the garbage while you wait for hot water? Then you’re wasting water and money.

The average household in the United States wastes approximately 40 gallons of water each day totaling nearly 14,000 gallons every year. That’s an astonishing number if you ask us. However, since the invention of revolutionary technology of instant on-demand hot water circulating systems, homeowners have been able to cut back on waste and get hot water right when they need it.

Check out some of the benefits below:

  • An on-demand system is designed to move hot water to your most remote fixture on demand within seconds!

  • An on-demand system saves water, energy, and money while adding convenience.

  • At the push of a button, the cool water you normally let run down the drain is circulated back to the water heater through the cold water line.

  • Tested and Proven by the US Department of Energy to save both water and energy – Energy Star Credit.

  • An on-demand system operates with both tankless and tank-type water heaters, and this is the ONLY recirculating system that does not void the manufacturer’s warranties on the tankless water heaters.

  • As water conservation issues become increasingly important, hot water recirculators may be one way to help to ease the problem.

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