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15 April 2016

Keep These Food Items Out of the Garbage Disposal

Keep These Food Items Out of the Garbage Disposal

It looks like we’re in for a beautiful weekend according to the 5 day forecast in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. With temperatures in the 70s, it’ll make for perfect barbecuing weather so get out the charcoal and some matches and light up that grill! Just remember that not all food scraps are safe for your garbage disposal.

What’s your favorite food to throw on the barbecue? You can’t go wrong with a prime cut of steak, chicken on the bone or corn on the cob. We also enjoy a more standard barbecue plate - hotdogs and hamburgers because who doesn’t like these staples? No matter what you’re grilling up this weekend, remember to toss the following in the trash instead of your garbage disposal:

Meat: greasy and/or raw meat can cause major problems in the disposal. Grease can build up inside the pipes and cause clogs and the motor can be faced with a struggle depending on the type of meat.

Stringy Foods: do you prefer to grill corn with inside the husk or remove it before you put it on the fire? Either way, keep the husk out of the disposal. Stringy foods can wrap around the blades causing them to malfunction. The same goes for asparagus, onion peels and garlic ends.

Bones: you have a top-of-the-line disposal so it should be able to handle anything, right? Wrong. Bones and blades don’t mix well and can cause a real disaster in the kitchen. Stick to the trash can and you’ll be fine.

The Good Guys at Three Way Plumbing can help get you out of a jam… your garbage disposal that is!  Or if you want to replace your sluggish old garbage disposal with a new high performance one, our plumbing trucks are stocked and ready to serve all of the Greater Charlotte area including Mooresville, Concord, Lake Norman, Huntersville, and the Weddington areas. Call us today at 704-795-9349.


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