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25 March 2016

5 Kitchen Items You Should Wash By Hand

5 Kitchen Items You Should Wash By Hand

Ever wonder why some of your kitchen items are not dishwasher safe? Well, if you’ve ever put any of these items in for a cycle, you might have noticed they melted, warped or lost the top layer of coating. To avoid any or all of these problems in the future, stick to washing the kitchen utensils below by hand.

  1. Wood Cutting Boards: the dishwasher’s hot water can remove the finish from your cutting board, cause it to warp or melt the glue that holds it together causing it to break apart. To remove grime from your cutting boards, use a mild dish detergent and a gallon of water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly upon completion.

  2. Cast Iron Skillets: if you read the instructions that came with your skillet, you know that some maintenance is required to keep them in pristine condition. You’re supposed to season it with oil before use and putting it in the dishwasher mitigates all of your hard work. Rinse it with warm water instead and remember that using soap is also a no-no.

  3. Garlic Press: any time a recipe calls for minced garlic, a press can be a lifesaver. However, garlic turns sticky in paste form and it can get stuck in the crevices or clog the dishwashers drain line.

  4. Insulated Bottles: use an insulated thermos or water bottle to keep your beverages at the ideal temperature throughout the day? If you want them to continue working like they’re supposed to, keep them out of the dishwasher.

  5. Chef Knives: not only can sharp knives nick the inside of the dishwasher, some machines can weaken the blade or remove the finish. Even if your dishwasher has a special knife rack, we still recommend washing them by hand.

Even though washing kitchen utensils by hand may take a bit longer, it’s well worth it. The items mentioned above will last longer and work more efficiently if handled with a bit of care.

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