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11 February 2016

3 Plumbing Projects To Leave To The Pros

3 Plumbing Projects To Leave To The Pros

You consider yourself “handy” so you can surely tackle any home plumbing project, right? Most homeowners will have no trouble with basic do-it-yourself plumbing from time to time, but there are certain jobs that require the skill set and knowledge of a professional.

Sure, you may be able to plunge or snake a clogged toilet or change out a broken gasket in your leaky faucet. But there are some projects that homeowners just shouldn’t take on themselves. Here’s what you should leave to the experts at Three Way Plumbing:

  1. Remodeling Projects: thinking about redoing your kitchen or bathroom in order to achieve a more modern look? Whether you’re moving plumbing entirely or expanding on what you already have in place, our well-trained staff is up to date on all building codes and we know when you’ll need a permit. We’ll also make sure all plumbing is moved or added correctly while keeping your home out of harm’s way. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to change the flooring in their bathroom and notice water pooling around the toilet. We won’t let your new floors get ruined, we’ll make sure the toilet is properly sealed to the flange.

  2. Deep Clogs: sure you may be able to break out the plunger and get your backed up toilet to flush again, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Sometimes, there could be a major problem in the main line (like a tree root that made its way into your pipes or pipes that have come apart). While some companies will be able to get water flowing again, we take it a step further. At Three Way, we have special cameras that allow us to see beneath the ground so we can pinpoint the exact location of the clog and fix the problem entirely.

  3. Concealed Leaks: notice water dripping down your ceiling or walls? This could signify that something is leaking behind the sheetrock or there’s a problem with your grout. Rather than grabbing your sledge hammer or cutting up walls and wreaking havoc on your home, call in the experts. We’ll be able to find the leak and repair it fast with minimal damage to your home’s structure. What homeowners don’t realize is that leaky water can travel. Just because there’s a bathroom right above where you see the leak doesn’t mean this is where the problem is coming from.

Stick to the minor plumbing projects and call on The Good Guys at Three Way Plumbing when a problem seems to be outside your realm of capabilities. You’ll save money, time and lots of potential damage to your home so you’ll be glad you called on us!

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