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22 December 2015

Why You're Not Getting Enough Hot Water

Why You're Not Getting Enough Hot Water
Do you suffer from cold water halfway through your showers? Run out of hot water while washing your dishes? Water heaters perform an important function by heating the water we use for cooking, cleaning and bathing so it can become a real disaster if they start to malfunction. There are a few reasons why you may not be receiving an adequate amount of hot water in your home - see below to find out:

Even though water heaters are fairly simple when compared with other appliances throughout your home. There are not many moving parts and the mechanics are very basic, but there are still things that can go wrong:
1. Temperature Settings: if the water coming out of your faucets or shower heads is not hot enough to meet your needs, it may be because the temperature is not set high enough. This is a quick fix - all you need to do is turn the temperature up a few degrees. But it may be something a bit more complicated. Your thermostat could be broken or malfunctioning in which case you should call in an expert.
2. Sediment Buildup: as water enters the tank it brings sediment along with it. This can cause the efficiency of your heater to drop. Even after 1 year, the efficiency can dwindle which is why we recommend flushing your tank annually. Too much sediment in the tank can cause the problem of inconsistent water temperatures.
3. Smells or Bad Tastes: in addition to inadequate hot water, you may also be experiencing smelly or bad tasting water. This could be caused by a deteriorating anode rod - a metal rod that runs down the center of the tank. It may need to be replaced.

Whatever the case may be, the professional plumbers at Three Way Plumbing can take care of the problem. Just give The Good Guys a call today at 704-795-9349 to schedule an appointment and don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook!

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