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14 December 2015

Don't Throw These Foods Down The Disposal

Don't Throw These Foods Down The Disposal

Now that the holidays are here and you’ve got a lot on your plate, you might tend to get a bit lazy. Instead of properly getting rid of those food scraps, you decide to take the easy way out. What does this mean for your garbage disposal? Find out below:

Most garbage disposals are made of galvanized steel and the blades can begin to corrode over time. The first symptoms that it’s no longer doing its job include occasional backups, slow drainage and the blades spin but don’t cut anything. In order to avoid these problems, here are some foods you should avoid throwing down the disposal:

Stringy Vegetables

Most of us think of vegetables as flowery and delicate so they should be no problem for your garbage disposal, right? WRONG. Stringy vegetables like celery, asparagus, kale and lettuce can easily wrap around the blades causing them to malfunction or clog the drain.


Ever notice how pasta expands when it comes in contact with water? Think about what will happen if you toss leftovers down the disposal where you constantly run the water. You guessed right - it will expand and potentially clog the drain or fill the trap.


Although bones from chicken, pork or beef can provide us with some of the most tasty meat, they are definitely not your garbage disposal’s best friend. These foods are very common during the holiday season and it’s easy for the meal prepper to get carried away. Most disposals are not strong enough to handle bones so toss them in the trash can instead.

Our garbage disposals are made of stainless steel so they won’t corrode like galvanized steel. In addition, our blades spin at a faster rate than most which helps with the pulverizing process. Try them out today!

Stuck in a jam? Three Way Plumbing can help you get out of it! Give us a call today at 704-795-9349 to schedule an appointment and let us the type of problem you are experiencing with your garbage disposal.

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