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2 April 2015

Q: Why should I pay you to come out and give me a price in person to replace my water heater when it says it only costs $X at my local retail store for installation?


When you are given a price for the installation of a water heater site unseen, there are many factors that are not being considered and will cost you a lot more in the end. For example, when we quote a water heater it includes everything with no hidden costs to be added after the job is started. It includes the draining and disconnection of the old water heater as well as the haul away of it. We do not leave the eyesore at your curb until bulk pickup is called. We supply only professional rated water heaters that are made with quality in mind and not quantity for mass sales. As required by law, we pull all pertinent permits and have the job inspected by the city. It includes all safety codes required by the codes, which are changed and updated yearly. It includes either the gas venting required or a licensed electrician depending on the power source. You wouldn’t want just anyone responsible for the health & safety of your family. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and can be emitted from an improperly installed gas water heater. Because we only use professional grade water heaters, our warranties start with a 6-year all inclusive warranty so that if anything goes wrong within 6 years the tank will either be repaired or replaced at no cost and interruption of hot water waiting for parts to arrive. As a professional, our technicians must see the problem before he quotes you a price. Just like a doctor cannot fully diagnose your problem over the phone without seeing you first. When he comes to your home, our technician will inspect the water heater, and talk with you about your options. Then he will make a professional recommendation to either repair or replace the heater. He will not begin any work until you have approved the written quote. And we will hold to the written price. No surprises.


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