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13 November 2019

How To Avoid Holiday Plumbing Emergencies Caused By Roots in Main Lines

How To Avoid Holiday Plumbing Emergencies Caused By Roots in Main Lines

With the holidays coming, we want to make them as stress free for you as possible. With the long, warm Fall season, underground roots continued to grow and infiltrated pipes.  The results - - emergencies from main sewer lines backing up into lots of homes all over the Charlotte area. 

Why? Everything started growing back in Spring and they have continued due to the mild weather. You've probably noticed that you've had to mow your lawn and weed the garden.  No different; vegetation is growing underground as well. 

Before a house full of guests arrive, we want to help you identify the issue and take care of things before a disaster occurs. So, go ahead now and check the guest bath that never gets used. Run the shower, and check that the shower head flows freely. If not, clean the shower head with white vinegar and baking soda in a bag and tie on and let the head soak. Check for leaks as the faucet is running.

Sinks around the house - -  be sure they are flowing and not filling up with water, standing water rising in the shower etcetera.  These are signs of bad things to come if not addressed.  Pay close attention to the garbage displosal.  Is it having a difficult time draining and grinding as usual.  Do the toilets in your house flush slower or require multiple flushes to empty?

Finally, one of the most obvious symptoms of roots in underground lines is when you're running the washing machine or dishwasher and a lot of water tries to drain at one time. Then it is backing up all over the floor from a toilet or filling up in a tub/shower.

The last thing you need is a plumbing emergency during the holidays, so get ahead of the issue as soon as possible.




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