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18 December 2019

Are Showers Bad for Your Skin?

How something you do every day could be aging your skin and what you can do to stop it.

Are Showers Bad for Your Skin?

Nice, long showers, is there anything more relaxing?  But, did you know that your daily shower could be causing your skin to age prematurely?   For most of us, our water is treated with chlorine which kills off microorganisms and other waterborne pathogens, but this powerful chemical also strips skin of a substance called seburn, your body’s natural oil.  The result is dehydrated, flaky dry skin and even dry hair.  Think about how your skin feels after you’ve gone and taken a swim in the pool; ichy, tight and dry.  In reality, you’re creating this same harmful reaction to your skin every day, with a simple shower.

In addition, the heat from those comfy showers opens our pores and allows our skin to absorb more of the chlorine into our epidermis, our skin.  From 8th grade science class, you may recall that this is the largest organ in our body.  So, while you wear sunscreen to protect from the sun, a long, warm shower is creating a very unhealthy environment for your skin. 

You are most likely aware that ingesting chlorine can have serious affects on your health, linked to some cancers, kidney stones and even asthma.  So, you filter your drinking wather from your fridge and your kitchen faucet for cuooking, but in a five minute shower you absorb more chlorine than you could ever drink in a single day.  

There are solutions to removing chlorine from your shower and drinking water.  Whole house water systems filter the chlorine from water before you bathe, shower or drink it.   The ProSystems is our favorite. We go direct to the manufacturer and purchase that way we can pass the savings along to you, our customers. 

Bottom line, as you’re heading into the holidays, attempting a more youthful, healthy appearance - - make sure your shower routine isn’t the pre-aging culprit.   Our Three Way Plumbing Techs can visit your home and provide a solution for you and your family.






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