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24 April 2019

What's Clogging My Pipes?

DrainVision, it's like a colonoscopy for your home

The reason your shower drain is backing up may be related to springtime.  If you think we're excited about spring, you should see the roots under the ground. The flowers and shrubs are growing above ground, but they're also sprouting underground and seeking water where they can find it - - including in your sewage system. 
Three Way Plumbing has a genius way of seeing inside your pipes to check for the issue or to see roots.  We have a camera that takes a voyage through your sewage and pipes; it's called DrainVision.  It sees ALL and that little camera can save you a lot of headaches if you only know that it's available to you.
One of our valuable Three Way Plumbing customers is a successful realtor who moved into a home. Two weeks later, he was doing laundry when suddenly all the sewage started backing up and overflowing out of the half bath toilet with no warning. Low and behold he found out that roots had been growing in the pipes for years,  DrainVision would have spotted them easily. 
Symptoms of clogged sewage lines include shower drains backing up, tubs and showers getting slower and slower to drain, the toilet needing to be flushed numerous times, bubbling when flushing, gurgling noises from the bathroom when water is being used elsewhere in the home.  These are subtle signs that people usually ignore for months and then all of a sudden sewage is overflowing on to their floors.
The culprit can be difficult to diagnose and that’s where DrainVision saves the day.  Many plumbing companies jump to conclusions and begin digging up your yard or just run a machine down the line to restore flow to the line temporarily by puncturing a hole through the stoppage.  At Three Way Plumbing, we take a more conservative approach and locate the issue before creating a costly repair.
Here’s how it works:  Our plumbing technician will find the main sewer cleanout  for your home and insert the DrainVision which is a long malleable hose with a camera attached to the end.  The camera sees every nook and cranny in your pipes and displays on a monitor where the technician has the ability to identify any obstructions or issues. 
Have you ever experienced this in the past? Well, if flow was restored and no DrainVision was performed, then there is no way for anyone to see underground what is going on. Nobody has Xray vision, but Three Way Plumbing has DrainVision! Better be safe than flooded with sewage.

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