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1 May 2018

What Causes Toilets to Clog?

What Causes Toilets to Clog?
Sometimes toilets become clogged just because the toilet is getting older and there is not enough suction for larger amounts of waste. Other times toilets become clogged from too much toilet paper being flushed at a single time. Often we find it is because there are many things that get flushed down the toilet that really were never meant to be flushed.  For example, some of the biggest causes of toilet clogs are disposable or flushable wipes. 
Although these wipes are labeled and marketed as disposable and flushable, they are being banned in cities across the country because of false marketing. They do not break down and are not biodegradable; to the contrary they clog up pipes or get caught in the trap of the toilet. Once they make it to the waste water treatment center, they get caught up in the equipment and cause major problems there as well. 

Here are some other things people have been flushing for years that should be avoided to prevent clogs:

  • Kleenex or paper towels – yes, they are made from “paper” but they do not dissolve like toilet paper.
  • Grease and oils – may look safe in liquid form, but when it cools, it will congeal and clog up your pipes.
  • Feminine products of any kind
  • Q-tips
  • Cotton balls – these clump together and create larger cotton balls in your sewage system.
  • Medications – our water treatment systems are not designed to completely remove these from our water, so chemicals can get pumped back into our lakes and groundwater.
  • Hair
  • Cigar and cigarette butts – chemicals may seep into our groundwater.
  • Disposable Diapers
  • Dental Floss – it is not biodegradable and can cause serious clogs and environmental damage.
  • Condoms
  • Cat litter – even though some brands claim to be flushable.
  • Chemicals of any kind

Then there are the OBVIOUS items you shouldn’t ever flush. Surprisingly, we’ve actually uncovered these in clogged sewage systems:  Children’s toys, credit cards, golf balls or jewelry.

The solution: Keep a trash bin in every bathroom, that way you’re less tempted to spontaneously throw something in the toilet other than toilet paper and the obvious. 

Why Does This Matter?

Over time, the forbidden items flushed down your toilets collect and clog your sewage system. Excessive repair expenses could be avoided by resisting the urge to flush the no-nos. Even worse, your carefree flushing could affect the environment and if all of your neighbors have the same bad habits, this eventually takes a toll on our taxes to cover repairs for infrastructure.

If it’s too late and blockages occur in your home, Three Way Plumbing actually deploys a DrainVision camera through your pipes to locate the clog and devise a plan to clear the way and get your plumbing back to working order.

If you are suspicious of a clog in your sewage system, Three Way Plumbing’s here to lend a hand 24/7 at 3wayplumbing.com






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