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4 March 2018


Why does my toilet keep clogging? And, what can I do to fix it?



Many toilets have rim holes to assist with suction or power to push the waste out and down the line. Over time those rim holes become caked over with the minerals found in the water as well as buildup from the toilet - - no matter how much you clean it. When that happens, your toilet begins losing the power to push all the waste and toilet paper out far enough down the line and it begins to buildup in the line causing a barrier/wall and then backups begin to happen.

A few tips to help unclog your toilet:

1) Make sure that you have a plunger (preferably a force-cup plunger) nearby at all times. Insert the narrowed area of the plunger into the drain and pump with force inward towards the drain. Then, very slowly release the suction and allow a little water underneath the plunger. Watch to see if the water is clear. Repeat and repeat until drain clears.

2) If the force-cup plunger doesn't do the job, resort to a closet auger. You can buy these at Walmart or a home improvement store and they start around $10. Of course, it will come with directions, but basically, you insert the end of the auger into the drain and turn the handle to push the end further into the drain clearing out stoppages in its path.

3) If neither of these solutions work, you'll need to call us. You may have a bigger issue brewing and we'll get your toilet back to work in no time. WE PROMISE.