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15 December 2016

The Dangers of Chlorine in Your Home's Water

The Dangers of Chlorine in Your Home's Water

Did you know that you can breathe in more chlorine during a 5-minute hot shower than you ever could drink in a day from your drinking water? Well, chlorine is good, right? Isn’t it the stuff that cleans out the water in my pool? Yes, it is. But when local water companies mix it with ammonia to stretch their chlorine supply, it can put your health at risk.

Why is Chlorine Bad?

Studies by Dr. K. Thickett of the Occupational Lung Diseases Unit at the Birmingham Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham, England, showed that there was an increase in asthma related conditions for those working around swimming pools. When they moved away from the pools, their symptoms improved or went away entirely.

So, what does this have to do with the water inside your home? Studies have shown that the same is true for the water that comes through your tap. The fact is that every time you open a waterspout in your home, you are releasing asthma-causing substances into your household atmosphere. Think about it - you use water for cooking, bathing, cleaning and that’s just the beginning.

What’s the Best Defense?

A whole-house water filtration system. When choosing a system, look for one that uses activated carbon with submicron filtering. This will ensure 99.9% of contaminants such as chloramine and lead are removed, leaving you with safe, pure water.

Even without the presence of chloramines, it is vital to drink and use filtered water. Our very own water supply has been known to have over 2,100 toxic chemicals in it… including prescription drugs and pesticides!

What are you waiting for? Don’t spend another day subjecting yourself and your family to contaminated water. Call on The Good Guys at Three Way Plumbing today to find out how our water filtration systems can help!


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