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17 November 2016

#1 Cause of Drain Clogs During the Holidays

#1 Cause of Drain Clogs During the Holidays

Put yourself in this scenario: you’ve got a house full of guests over to celebrate Thanksgiving and all is going as planned until you realize that your kitchen drain is clogged. You still have most of the dinner items to prepare and it is just not a good time for this crisis to be taking place.

Well, did you know that most drain clogs that take place during the holidays happen as a result of malfunctioning garbage disposals? Take a second to think about all the extra work your disposal has to do when meal prep is at a premium.

But you were careful not to throw certain food items into the disposal, so how could this happen? The answer is rather simple. Lots of garbage disposals are made from galvanized metal and not stainless steel. What does this mean? As water and food particles rush through the machine over time, they can actually wears away at your garbage disposal’s teeth. So if you’ve had yours for a few years, it’s worth taking a peek down into the pipes.

We recommend using a flashlight to look down into the drain to make sure the cutting blades haven’t corroded away. If this is the case, the motor might still be spinning, but no food is being chopped up - hence, a clogged drain.

If your garbage disposal just isn’t working like it used to, call on The Good Guys at Three Way Plumbing to repair it before you wind up in a situation like the one mentioned above. It’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about as you get ready for guests this holiday season.

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