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20 October 2016

Tackle These 5 Quick Chores Today!

Tackle These 5 Quick Chores Today!

Is your significant other bugging you daily to take care of the honey-do list? We know how you feel, we’ve been there too. And while you may want to just kick back and relax after a long day’s work, we strongly encourage you to tackle the projects below. Your spouse will be happy and they only take 10 minutes or less, trust us!

  1. Clean The Disposal: have food and grime building up on the blades? Pour a tray of ice cubes down into the machine and run cold water until the last ice cube dissolves to clean them and keep them sharp. Notice a foul odor? Pour in a bit of white vinegar and baking soda. Just be sure to turn off the power switch before ever reaching in there.

  2. Maintain HVAC Filters: now that we’re transitioning into the colder season, it’s a great time to clean or replace your HVAC filters. After all, the air you breathe will be passing through the filter so you’ll want to make sure it’s sanitary.

  3. Test Smoke and CO Detectors: nearly 3,500 people die from house fires in the United States each year. Take a minute out of your busy day to test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to keep your family safe.

  4. Clean Refrigerator Coils: keep your refrigerator running efficiently by cleaning out the coils once every three to six months. If you can’t remember the last time you did so, now is the time! Unplug it and remove the grill cover. Then use a vacuum to remove dust, dirt and debris.

  5. Test GFCI Outlets: plug a circuit tester with its own test button into your GFCI outlets. Press the button and if the power goes off, it works. This is especially important in areas containing outlets near sources of water (the kitchen and the bathroom).

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