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Sewer Repair

One of the tools often used by professional plumbing companies is a sewer camera. This is a camera attached to a cable on one end and a video screen on the other. As the plumber feeds the camera through the line, it allows him to view the inside of the pipe. At the risk of being too direct, it’s like a colonoscopy for your home’s plumbing system!!

Not all companies offer this service. The camera are very expensive and many companies do not necessarily see the value. However, our experience has been that this technology is invaluable in regard to being able to diagnose the source of a plumbing leak or stoppage. It allows the plumbing professional to view pipes underground that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Before camera technology, plumbing professionals often ended up digging up lawns, cutting into walls, or breaking up concrete because there was no exact science on where a leak or a stoppage might be. With a camera, the plumber can figure out exactly where to start which will save the customer both time and money.

With the aid of the camera, our Three-Way Plumbing professional technicians can pinpoint the cause of the break in your sewer line as well as the location underground and the depth. When making a sewer repair this allows them to be minimally invasive as well as able to provide a price for the sewer repair upfront and before the work is begun, provided there are no unforeseen complications underground surrounding the sewer pipe like boulders or fiber optic lines. When performing a sewer repair, once the sewer repair is completed and the dirt is backfilled, one of our technicians will return to seed and straw the area or pour back the required patch of concrete leaving the area in a finished state.

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