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Three Way Plumbing can help keep your water draining… whether you need drain clearing, full sewer replacement, or sewer line repair in the Charlotte area. We are also happy to recommend things you can do to prevent clogged drains from happening again. Our highly trained plumbing technicians use state of the art drain & sewer video cameras so we can see what is happening deep in your drain and sewer lines without having to dig up lawns, cut into walls, or break up concrete, and are available to serve all of the Charlotte Metro area including Concord, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Mooresville and the Weddington areas. If you need drain clearing or sewer line repair, call us today or schedule an appointment online now.


Why Are My Drains Backed Up or Draining Slowly?


A backed up or slow drain in the home could be the result of a stoppage in a single drain line which shows up as standing water while showering, a sink that is slow to drain, a washing machine that has water coming back up out of the pipe and spilling onto the floor or a toilet that may not flush well. Three Way Plumbing can provide a Drain Cleaning by plumbing clogged drains and pipes in your home. This is usually the solution for a stoppage in one of the drain lines.


Why Is Waste Water Is Backing Up Into My Home?

Sometimes the main sewer line that exits your home and travels underground through the yard is the culprit of waste water backing up into your tub/shower, or worse yet overflowing out of a 1st floor toilet. It may be as simple as a clog causing a stoppage or tree roots could have invaded the lines blocking, cracking or crushing the pipes. If you have these problems, then your home in Charlotte may need sewer line repair.


One of the first symptoms of a sewer line with an issue or obstruction would be gurgling noises heard from a 1st floor tub/shower or toilet. Your solution for that type of problem is a Sewer Cleaning. Once flow is restored to the sewer line, it is recommended to have a Sewer Camera Inspection to be able to see the cause of the problem whether it was a clog, tree roots or pipe damage so problem can be properly addressed to prevent it from happening again.


If a sewer repair is required, our Three-Way Plumbing professional technicians can use the camera to pinpoint the the location underground and the depth allowing them to be minimally invasive. We excel at plumbing clogged drains and pipes in the Charlotte area.



What if I have a septic tank?

If you are experiencing toilets that will not flush and everything backing up and you have a septic tank, when was the last time your septic tank was pumped?  If it has been over 5 years, your septic tank may be full and overflowing back into your pipes and back into your home. The first step we recommend is contacting a septic tank pumping company that specializes in the removal of waste. If that doesn't fix the problem or you are still experiencing issues with gurgling noises from your toilet, give us a call and we can determine what may be wrong with the line that goes to your septic tank.  



What is the difference between all your drain lines and your main drain line (also known as your main sewer line)?

The fixtures in your home have water lines that deliver clean water to that fixture, either hot or cold. Each fixture then in turn has a drain line for the waste water from the fixture to exit and drain away from. All the drain lines in the home eventually all tie into the main drain or sewer line that takes the waste water from your home to the city sewer system or a septic tank buried on the property. All drain pipes are connected to a ventilation pipe that terminates through the roof to prevent the gases from drifting out into your home. Most plumbing fixtures have a curved trap section that holds water in order to form an airtight seal to keep the gases from escaping into your home as well. See Diagram Below.


Clogged Drain Prevention:

Most liquid products on the market for clogged drains are caustic and dangerous and not good for the life of your pipes you are pouring them into. We recommend using BioOne, a professional drain maintenance product that you apply monthly. We have found that it is safe for your home and great for preventing clogged drains.



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